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Bobbi Pettit

Bobbi Pettit is the owner and operator of FIVE RULE Rural Planning, LLC. She holds a Master of Arts in Community & Regional Planning from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) since 2011.

Bobbi has over 10 years of experience in planning in more than 20 villages and cities of the first and second class in Nebraska.

Bobbi served in the Nebraska Army National Guard as a Commissioned Officer and led a platoon of 50 troops to Camp Liberty, Iraq in 2009.


We Strengthen Rural Communities



We provide communities with the tools they need to achieve their vision.


We provide training, knowledge and confidence to make sense of land use planning.


We ally with small towns to champion a better, brighter future.



*City of Superior, Pedestrian Transportation and Stormwater Management Study
Derek Clark, Director of Planning and Zoning, 402.879.4713,

*Village of Firth, Comprehensive Plan and Housing Study
Jill Hoefler, Municipal Clerk, Village of Firth, 402.791.5544,

**City of Tilden, Comprehensive Planning Package
Shawna Moore, Tilden City Clerk, City of Tilden, 402.368.2232,

**Norton City/County Economic Development, Housing Study
Mike Posson, Executive Director, Norton City/County Economic Development, 785.874.4716,

City of Wahoo, Blight Study and General Redevelopment Plan AND *Design Guidelines Development
Melissa Harrell, City Administrator, 402.443.3222,

City of Pierce, Downtown Revitalization Plan
Chad Anderson, City Administrator, City of Pierce, 402.329.4164,

Cozad Development Corporation, Blight & Substandard Study and General Redevelopment Plan
Jen McKeone, Executive Director, 308.784.8006,

City of Arapahoe, Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance Adoption
John E. Kohler, Mayor, City of Arapahoe, 308.962.7282,

* Ongoing, yet will be completed by first quarter, 2019
**Ongoing throughout 2019 




Deputy Master Planner

Nebraska Army National Guard

Assistant Development
Services Director

City of Kearney

Community Planner

South Central Economic Development District (SCEDD)